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Welcome to the 2019 baseball season. The following information can give you a brief understanding of what our baseball program is all about. If, after reading, you still have questions, please feel free to email the FRAA Vice President of Baseball (contact information found on the main FRAA page under "Board Members". We look forward to a great spring season.

The FRAA is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to providing the children and the community with opportunities to play baseball in a safe supporting environment. We believe that baseball, when properly coached and supervised, teaches valuable lessons in self-confidence, teamwork, fair play and competition. Baseball also encourages fitness and the development of physical skills and coordination. Most of all, baseball can be enjoyable for both the participating youth and their families.

The FRAA is a 100% volunteer organization and formally a 501(3)c non-profit organization.  The people running this league and those participating in coaching baseball have only one goal in mind - teaching kids to love baseball. We depend on parents and alumni to continue the FRAA  tradition.


Registration will continue until the end of the day Saturday March 9th.  By March 9th all registration fees must be paid in full in order to be part of the FRAA draft and be placed on a team. 


The FRAA offers several levels of youth baseball

  • Co-Ed Shetland League (T-Ball)

     Shetland League is for players who are currently in Kindergarten or who will
     be in Kindergarten in the fall of 2019.

     This introduction to baseball teaches the basics of the game.

     The Shetland players learn how to hit, catch and throw in a relaxed environment.
     Games will mainly be on Saturday mornings.

     There will be a few games during the week, as well.

     Our players will start the season by hitting the baseball from the tee.
     As their skills develop, they will start to hit balls pitched by a coach. 

     Contact our Shetland Commissioner for more information.


  • Pinto League Baseball

     Pinto League is for players who are in 1st or 2nd grades.

     The Pinto league is a coach pitch league where the coaches build on the skills the players learned in the Shetland League.  Our coaches stress the importance of team play and sportsmanship while continuing to build the player's baseball knowledge. 

     All players MUST wear a heart guard or similar protective device


     Contact our Pinto Commissioner for more information.


  • Mustang League Baseball

     Mustang League is for players 3rd and 4th grades.

     This is the first time the kids get to pitch to each other and steal bases.

     The pitching restrictions in place is designed for player safety.


     Contact our Mustang Commissioner for more information.

  • Bronco League

     Bronco League is for players who are in 5th and 6th grades.

     At this age level players take the next step in their development towards Pony and Middle School baseball.

     Our goal is still to teach good sportsmanship, team work and respect for the game. 


     Contact our Bronco Commissioner for more information.


  • Tournament Teams

    Starting at age 7 and continuing through age 12, the FRAA holds tryouts our Tournament Teams at each age group. Any current player interested in extending the summer baseball season is eligible to tryout for the tournament team. 

    Often times, we have enough players to form two teams in each age group. This is an opportunity to play a more competitive brand of baseball, for those interested. Additional costs will apply for those selected onto one of the teams.

    These tournament teams play in competitive local tournaments against kids of the same age from other communities.‚Äč


  • Cooperstown Tournament Team

    Each year, the FRAA 12 year old tournament team travels to Cooperstown, New York to compete with other 12 year olds from around North America. Many of the past players have said that the Cooperstown week provided them their fondest memories about youth baseball. As you can imagine, sending a group of 12 players and their families to Cooperstown for a week can be quite costly. You may see our players holding various fundraising events throughout the year. Please support them, if possible.


     Contact our Tournament Team Commissioner for more information.



***RETURNING FOR 2019!!!***

  • Pony League Baseball

     Pony League is for players who are in 7th and 8th grades.

     Contact our Pony League Commissioner for more information.




Every year, we receive questions regarding a player being able to "play up" with their classmates. The FRAA has a new policy that will allow for a player to play up to the next level if they are grade appropriate.

For example, if your 8 year old is currently in 3rd grade at school, but because of his birthday, he was registered for Pinto League, then we would permit him to play in the Mustang League with his classmates if the player wants to move up.

This will be decided by the FRAA Vice President of Baseball on a case by case basis. Once you declare that your son or daughter wants to play up, then he will always be classified as a player of an older age throughout his time in the FRAA baseball program.


For more information on any of our teams/leagues,
please contact our Vice President of Baseball




The FRAA requires a background check before any adults have contact with our children.  This is one step in ensuring that our kids are safe when entrusted in our care.  Our league has a documented Safety Awareness plan that outlines key safety issues in dealing with youth baseball.

Additionally, our pitching rules are designed to ensure that young arms are protected, with mandatory days of rest scheduled between each pitching outing at all levels. The FRAA provides catcher's equipment and helmets for the players. 


Volunteers Needed!

We are always in need of volunteers for league commissioners, field maintenance, coaches and team parents.  If you have the time to volunteer, we would greatly appreciate your help!