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Welcome to Franklin Regional Athletic Association
Welcome to Franklin Regional Athletic Association

Welcome to the FRAA

  I would like to personally welcome you to our new website and take a quick minute to introduce myself as the new President of the Franklin Regional Athletic Association.  My name is Jerry DalCanton and I have served as a board member for the past 4 years. During that time, I’ve met many people who have worked very hard to make this organization special. There is a passion and commitment amongst the current board members to make this great organization even better.

As children, most of us participated in some type of sports. Whether it was on the playground, a local youth organization, or just a neighbor’s backyard, most of us played at one time or another.  I believe that the relationships I developed were the main reasons I look back on my childhood so fondly.  Now as an adult, the camaraderie that comes with coaching and watching, not only my children, but ALL of the children in the community, brings me the same kind of joy. Seeing young people make friendships and watching them grow, not only as athletes, but as young men and women is truly special to me.

Personally, I have always enjoyed working with children and their families. Through my work at Kids First Chiropractic, having coached varsity baseball at Gateway and Franklin Regional High School for 15 years, as well as coaching the Shetland, Pinto and Bronco levels in the FRAA, I’ve had the pleasure to meet many children and their families. 

As President, my goal is to provide strong leadership and positively represent the FRAA in the community. I will encourage people to get involved and to support our organization, not only financially, but even more importantly, by volunteering their time. 

This upcoming year promises to be one of the most exciting times in the history of the FRAA. We are currently developing a new baseball and softball complex at Murrysville Community Park.  The three new fields are nearly complete and a beautiful concession stand is currently under construction.  The municipality believes we will be starting games on June 1, 2014 at the latest.  While this complex is a great addition to the FRAA, it is really only a small part of something much bigger.  This new complex will serve as a central hub for the community to gather.  A place to bond with our neighbors.  A place to show unconditional support for ALL of the children in the community!

To make this happen, we need your help!  Please join us at the board meetings and volunteer your time. While the complex is sure to be a great place to play, it alone will not make our organization exceptional.  The only way this organization will be exceptional, is with passionate, committed people.  Start now by registering on the website and we will email you a reminder, inviting you to attend the upcoming board meetings.

If you have any questions, please feel free reach me at .




Jerry DalCanton

President of FRAA

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